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Welcome to my personal webpage.  I’m an Assistant Professor of Economics at George Mason University.  I’m also a Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center and a faculty member at the Center for the Study of Public Choice.  Here is my  CV.

I spend a lot of my time doing research on the historical origins of modern economic growth.   At the moment, I’m particularly interested in how the nation state has either facilitated, or impeded, economic success from the early-modern period to the present day.

I was trained as an economic historian at Washington University in St. Louis and my work is also heavily influenced by the New Institutional Economics.  That said, while much of my work is in economic history, I’m also happy to go where interesting questions take me.

Enjoy the site...

What’s New?

3-29-2014  Had a great visit at the University of Vermont.  Gave a talk on my new research (very much in progress) titled “From state capacity to rule of law in Old Regime France.”  The presentation for the paper is here.

3-1-2014  The Public Choice Center has done a nice write up of Mark and my work on the rise of tolerance in early-modern Europe here.

2-23-2014  Just finished attending a Mercatus manuscript conference for Deirdre McCloskey’s new book “The Treasured Bourgeoisie”.

1-17-2014  I’ve created the webpages for the classes I’m teaching in the spring semester, Development Economics and Economic History (Undergrad)

1-5-2014  Back from the ASSA Meetings where I presented our paper on “Jewish Persecutions and Weather Shocks:  1100-1800”.  The paper is here and the presentation is here.

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